Hi I'm Lien*. Lien is what my sister start calling me when we were young and it stuck to me for friends and family.  My home is in the Netherlands, I'm married, we have two kids (girl 18 and boy 15) and 7 chickens.

The title of this blog "Notitie van Lien" is in dutch and just means "Lien's notes". I started this blog in Dutch on 4 october 2006. It didn't took long before I also wrote in English, but I left the title as it was. So I'm not called Notitie, but just Lien ;).

'vlaggetjesdag'I believe strongly that you can't have enough cookbooks, baking tins or working kitchen gadgets. I love to cook ánd especially love to bake; bread, rolls, cakes..you name it.

Also I love Italy and I'm still trying to learn the language. This you will see on my blog, sometimes even all at once. Your comments are highly appreciated (even when I don't always manage to respond). Enjoy!

*(pronounced "lean" in English)